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Really amazing and super happy to see my store up and running with more than €8000/day. I am seeing my store to be €100k soon. All thanks to Cuba Strategy and his hard work.

$12k a day and guess what it’s gonna be $100k a month in October. What a brilliant strategy and results this man is generating with his strategy. The Cuba Marketing Strategy is really amazing and upto perfection.

Have a look at what Abdel Rehman says about my services!
Check out what Max says! Going Crazy with $31k⬇
Cuba Srategy

Got more than £1.15k this day with Cuba Strategy with just £320 spent. He is really amazing and crushing the German Market. All thanks to Murtaza and his team for really amazing performance.

Cuba Strategy

Dutch Market is amazing. Super excited to scale it now to €50k a month soon. I am so happy with Cuba Marketing Strategy and results. 

Cuba Strategy

Hurrahhh!! Crossed over 12k pounds with just 3k spent, He is brutally crushing the UK Market. Really amazing experience and thanks to Cuba Strategy

Cuba Strategy

In September 2023- We crossed over 6k pounds with just 1200 spent on Ads, He is really amazing and has a lot of experience. In the end, Thanks to Cuba Strategy as well.

Cuba Strategy

Oh, Just hit 250k pounds this month with a profit of over 40%. Oh, this Cuba Strategy is what people should implement in the store. I really appreciate the efforts and hard work.Great man Murtaza the Cuba Strategy King.

Cuba Strategy

Hit 24k a day and it’s a huge success for me because I was struggling at 100/day. Thanks to this man and his strategy Cuba Strategy and perfect implementation

Charlene’s is fully satisfied with the services.
Mathew Henry is going $10k/month.
Cuba StrategyCuba Strategy

Amazing results, He is crunching the Sweden Market with Cuba Strategy . Great communication skills plus responsive man.

Cuba Strategy

I can’t believe my store hit $21k this month and look at the orders!!! , that’s all due to this man Murtaza- The Cuba Strategy is working like heaven for me. I really recommend this guy.

cuba marketing strategy

Live Stats

$179k a month. This is hilarious!!! When I was stuck at $100/week and met this man, he completely turned it over and rocked it. The CUBA Ads Strategies worked with an unexpectedly increased volume of sales. Thanks, Man 

Murtaza Shah asked me to record my dashboard. $44,23k a month is insane. We had a goal of $500k/month and its gonna be achieved soon. He is super impressive, super talented, took my store from scratch to this position. Recommended for everyone.”

Max here from Austrailia. I joined few months ago the drop shipping journey and Murtaza Shah was the one which was hired for the work. He took my store from scratch to $30k a month

”I achieved my short term goal of €50k/month. After this €100k/month. Thanks for the great value given in the 1-on-1 calls and Facebook Ads Strategy! Recommended to everyone who is struggling in the marketing phase.🔥

What a wonderful and step by step strategy it was. I remember when I was struggling at £30/day . But now my daily mark is £1k/Day and not yet finished.This month gone over £100k/month with CUBA Technique.Thanks for the mentorship and scaling methods.

Still Doubting??? Check out the videos below

Wowww!!! $19.17k with just 5 Orders. That’s the power of his CUBA strategies which led my high ticket products into the market and smashed it really. I am amazed with his unique strategies and work. Recommended 

I don’t know how can I praise his work. He really make it possible when I was struggling at $600/day. He took my store from that position and put it at $39k a week and today it is crunching the UK, German, and USA Market. Great communication skills plus responsive man.

I can’t believe my store hit $10k/day and look at the orders!!! , that’s all due to this man Murtaza- The 1-1 Mentorship is just a blessing . I am a digital marketer but i have no idea of these techniques and strategies.. I can just say WOW right now.

Believe me, the cost of his services is nothing when your store came up from $40/month to $16k a week. All thanks to the tremendous CUBA strategies of Murtaza. I’d love to work again with my other stores too. Cheers!!

We started 1-1 last week and look at this $400/day and it’s still afternoon.. Just implement the CUBA strategy and thats the result.

Wow man! You’re an inspiration 

“ $3.21k is a lot to me since I was struggling at $0. Murtaza was so compassionate and really seemed to care about my store and sales! He was so nice to work with and helped me get the results I wanted in a supreme way. The CUBA strategy he implement in my store exceeds the profit margin I expected!”

That’s Crazyyy $25.85k is Absolutely amazing since have been wasting the money on different platforms. Thanks to Murtaza and CUBA strategies. I was struggling in the initial stages and then I met this man. He He took care of my store all the way from bottom line to a great ending profit.

This is absolutely amazing. Highly recommended for everyone whose struggling with sales.

Hit $17k in this month, Gonna be rocking the game soon. Everything was fully planned and strategically attempted.

Its still 17th July and we almost hit $22.5k , target is $50k which will achieved soon. This is only possible with CUBA strategies.

This is unbelievable , the strategy works again.. He is so talented and have great marketing skills, Highly recommended.

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