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Who I Am

My name is Murtaza Shah well known as Mian Khan. I started my freelancing journey back in 2016 as a Shopify Developer, I have been working for 3 years and have a number of achievements in this time period.

I have worked with a lot of clients including local and international. Gradually the number of clients increased so that’s why I have hired Virtual Assistants for the process..

We were handling more than 50 accounts of Shopify stores of my clients.

We have more than 15+ 7 Figure Shopify Stores.

After 3 years of successful freelancing journey and with complete Shopify skills, knowledge, and hacks, I have made up my mind to have my own Shopify Dropshipping Store. Now I have 4 E-Commerce stores (1 Pakistan, 3 International) they are generating more than I am expecting.

So with all these successes and achievements, I started teaching Shopify Dropshipping Course to my students.

I have a lot of success stories of my students who started GIVING SERVICES and THEN STARTED DROPSHIPPING FROM SCRATCH, which will motivate you as well.

I have a lot of students who made their careers in Shopify. They have their own stores too and are pretty satisfied.

I hope that you will be the brightest star of the future.

Below is the Live Proof of My Two Pakistani Brand Ecommerce Stores, More than 10 Lacs each week sales.

Here are some of my others stores stats.​

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